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Field Trips at The Book Cellar

Looking to immerse your students in history and literature? Schedule your class's field trip today! We are currently taking requests from day care centers, public and private schools, as well as home school groups.


Story Time

It is so important to instill a love for reading in young children. Story time can be a great way to accomplish this. Educators have the option to include a story time during their field trip. Each story time is curated to keep students engaged, while being age-appropriate.

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Did you know our building was built in the 1800's? Originally known as The Mann House, this building has so many stories to be shared. 


Creative Expression

In addition to sharing about the history of our building and reading various stories to students, we also provide the option to include arts & crafts! We have several options for each age group to allow students a chance to show their creative side.

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